From Our Garden To Your Table

Take a garden walk with Peter…

By Jeri Barry

If you’ve eaten here at Zuppas, chances are, you’ve probably heard about our community garden…but what role does it play in the larger operation? What kind of foods do we grow there? And where is it even located?

In this video tour, we answer these  questions and more. So put on your gardening gloves and take a walk through our beloved garden with Peter to see firsthand how we turn our homegrown harvest into delicious specials!

Garden tools provided by the Clearwater Community Garden.

A portion of the Zuppas garden. This photo was taken in mid June 2014.

Beets harvested from the garden...

...and in our beet and orange salad with feta and mandarin oranges!

Peter tried his hand at gardening for the first time in 2012 with a single plot at the Clearwater Community Garden in Neenah.

Since then, he has doubled the size of the garden plot and the “Zuppas Garden” now produces an impressive amount of vegetables and  herbs used in our kitchen during the Summer and Fall months.

The garden is mere blocks from us (across from the Neenah police station) and it is not uncommon for Peter to head over there in the afternoon and come back with what will eventually be used in our evening dinner special.

Now that’s fresh and healthy eating!

Zuppas began making daily deliveries of our compostable kitchen scraps to the Clearwater Community Garden in Sept. of 2011. With an average weekly delivery of 300 pounds that’s almost 7 tons of waste that would have otherwise ended up in landfills!

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